Proficiemp: Corporate Trainings

 Industrial Trainings

Our Marking Traits

Strategical Approach

Each of our training program is smartly designed to maximize the skills and competencies of the candidates.

Goal Oriented

In addition to the training quality, we focus on what an organization wants to achieve out of the program

Individual Counselling

Our programs are peculiarly styled in such a way that each of the participant is closely directed and steered

Adventurous Manner

Be it a team building event, a technical or a business development workshop, our programs are always gratifying

Corporate Trainings

Training Courses

  • Application Development

    120+ Technical Courses

    Our versatile training team of top employees from different Companies is competent in a number of languages and operating systems for Software and Application Development.

  • Business Intelligence

    40+ Business Development Trainings

    From Data Visualization to NoSql bases and from SEO techniques to Social Media Analytics, we help you learn everything you need to create a master web.

  • Working as a TEAM

    65 Team Building Concepts

    Team Work shall be a continuous practice for each employee at every level. Our strategic approach to the team building activities make them more of a team get together.

  • Personal Development

    38 Personal Development Formulations

    Discover the hidden aspects of your personality and transform your career with our personal development trainings that give you the confidence of achieving what you want.

  • Effective Communication

    100+ Effective Communication Practices

    Communication is more than just exchanging information. Learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively and give your career a boost with our impactful courses.

  • Pre-Placement Empowerment

    30+ Topics

    An intensive employability training prior to the placement lays high emphasis on students' interview and recruitment process. This course covers the gap between being a student and an employee.

  • Leadership / Management

    80+ Leadership Concepts

    One who directs plays a major role in the success or failure of any venture. Exercise how not to just lead but take the team along.

  • Technical Courses

    280+ Training Subjects

    Learn any language or framework that you want to work on. Our easy to understand training programs by highly skilled mentors make the subject all the way more interesting.

  • Tools & Applications

    150+ Tools, Applications & Interfaces

    MSExcel isn't really tedious and Photoshop is not a rocket science. With our easy to understand programs you can start using any tool like a pro.

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